Sunday, November 18, 2007

Raise the Ceiling

Bill Johnson at Bethel Church, Redding, CA says, "my ceiling should be my children's floor". I got off on that this morning too while writing in my moleskine.

I want my ceiling to be my children's floor. Jesus said the works I do you will do and greater. -my ceiling is your floor- We should desire that our children and disciples/followers go beyond where we go.

Since I desire my ceiling to be their floor I should make the effort to get my ceiling as high as possible so their floor will be even higher and the greater things they do will be even greater.

Now, those that follow us WILL DO GREATER THINGS. Either we can pursue greater things and take them there and higher or do nothing, and God will seek out those with the desire for more and He will take them higher and further than we ever dreamed. Yes, some of our followers will then do greater things, leaving us behind, seated and satisfied with our achievements, as we become old and cold religious leaders content with just achieving the status quo or even worse, doing nothing.

They will be greater failures or greater successes. What part do I want to take in the equation?

Again, I want to burn out, not rust out. I want the next generation to go on with God and surpass me by light years of "greater works than these". I want to raise my ceiling so high that standing on their floor those that follow me can't even imagine where I started.

I'm gonna stay young until the day I die old!

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