Saturday, July 31, 2010

My 53rd Birthday Thoughts

"In him (Christ) was life and the life was the light of men. John 1:4  Send the light. Shine on me. 

If the Holy One does not reside and reign within me here at home... I would not presume to miraculously encounter him on Iona, or in church, or in the supermarket.
What makes a holy place? What makes a place truly thin? Before all else, he answer lies in our own internal landscape. Indeed, the first and best thin place must be our own souls. When, by the grace of God, that which has separated us from him has been removed, we can encounter the Holy One himself in freedom and friendship. Scripture tells us that the veil in the temple was literally torn in two when Jesus was crucified; we now have free access to the Holy of Holies... If we truly want to be open to God and hope and seek for more of him in our lives, we can find him ever nearer and ever dearer in the thin places of our spiritual landscape. Thin Places: An Evangelical Journey into Celtic Christianity, Tracy Balzer, pp 38,39

Lord, I want more of you.

And the cherry pie was really good. Thanks, Bev.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Recent posts on A Look in the Mirror

Although I haven’t recently posted extended blogs here, I have written several for A Look in the Mirror. Here is a brief explanation and a link to each one.  

The Rock that is Higher – Trust in God our Rock even in difficult times… especially during difficult times.
Celebrate Their Goal – Inspired by the FIFA World Soccer Cup and my four year old daughter, I look at rejoicing with those that rejoice.
Mercy Triumphs over Judgment – How should we respond to those that do wrong, offend us or take advantage of us?