Friday, November 23, 2007

Christ Among Us

Thanksgiving has come and gone… if Christmas hasn't already hit the market, it will now. In the upcoming weeks we will enjoy giving and receiving gifts, special meals and foods, friends and family, and vacations and days off of work. We truly have the chance to enjoy unique and special experiences and we should do so. For this reason, let's allow each special moment and memory to remind us of the real reason and focus of Christmas.

  • Christmas isn't gifts we give or receive; it is the gift of eternal life God gave us.
  • Christmas isn't the special meals we'll share or the special foods we'll eat; it is the Bread of Life that came and was broken for us so we can have life.
  • Christmas isn't friends and family; it is God our Father, Jesus our friend, the Holy Spirit our counselor and companion. It is intimate relation with God.
  • Christmas isn't vacation, time off and relaxation; it is rest from religious works and trust in the grace and mercy of God.

Let's celebrate God became man, Jesus died for our sins, He rose again to proclaim our victory and is seated at God the Father's right to eternally intercede for us.

Let the celebration begin. Yes, let's celebrate Christ among us.

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