Sunday, March 21, 2010

Names of God: I AM

Notes from Sunday, March 7, 2010

God replied, "I AM WHO I AM. Say this to the people of Israel: I AM has sent me to you." Exodus 3:14. NLT

I AM - the Self-existant One, the Eternal

Jesus in the Gospel of John used I Am to identify who He was:

  • The bread of life-6:35,41,48,51
  • The light of the world-8:13,9:5,12:46
  • The door-10:7,9
  • The Good Shepherd-10:14
  • The Son of God-10:36
  • The resurrection and the life-11:25
  • The way, the truth and the life-14:6
  • The true vine-15:1,5

I AM - John 8:58 "Before Abraham was I AM."

Five Weeks Later: any changes?

Five weeks have passed since a novel spark of inspiration lit manifestos of "revolutionary" ideas.

What were those noble thoughts?

·         Jesus mixed with the unacceptable; he shined light in dark places; and being pure and holy, he became the profane [sin] so we could receive His righteousness and know Father-God.

·         We should not be afraid to mix with undesirables; we should be light in dark places; and we shouldn't be afraid of "getting dirty" to reach a hurting and dying world for Christ.

·         Get out of our ivory towers and pristine chapels to touch the lives of others in a practical way, so the good news of a restored relation with God can be shared.

What could we do?

·         We could pray fervently in our sacred place.

·         We could write provoking ideas in our libraries and send them to others.

·         We could discuss the pros and cons of our lifestyles and debate possible solutions or actions.

None of these are adequate unless they fill us with compassion and move us to action. In the middle of having a good time and enjoying the life Christ gave us, we must take the time to help the poor, pray with the Nicodemus, forgive the adulterers, listen to the drunk, encourage the failure, challenge the rich and confront the religious. Our thoughts and faith must move us to action.

How have these thoughts affected my life?

·         They have made me more sensitive to the needs around me. The story about Lazarus, the pizza given to the street kid and the coins handed to the old lady asking for money are all results of this awareness.

·         I've experienced a deeper appreciation of the greatness the work of Christ is in my life. He took MY sins so I could live in His life. I'm thankful for his love and mercy towards me.

·         Concern for and prayer for those without Christ [those that haven't accepted his love and forgiveness and haven't made him LORD of their lives] has increased.

Daily we must continue to ask ourselves the question, "what change has our initial interaction actually accomplished in our lives?" Or is it that they were just words, a novel thought, or an impression made on our minds that poked our soul and stirred up our emotions for just a moment.

What have we done the past five weeks? What change has really occurred in our lives?

How are you doing?

Saturday, March 20, 2010