Saturday, November 17, 2007

Old, Mature and Generations

Randy Bohlender kind of awakened a few of my previous reflections yesterday with his blog titled "thoughts on getting old...". Good thoughts. Made me think of a few good memories and challenged me with new risks that must be taken so I can pass spiritual acheivements and blessings to my children, next generation.

I remember when Cheree, now 21, was 7. She thought 15 was old. Her 15 year old friend that lived with us thought 30 was old. I wasn't to far from 30 and thought 60 was old, therefore old is twice your age...

My Grandmother Rutledge, when she was 75, referred to the "old ladies" in her Sunday school class, but you dared not call her old, no sir! By the way, she was by several years the "oldest" in the group..

I went back through the thoughts in this vein I've written in this blog under the heading Generations. It's something we all must come to grips with if we are to continue impacting our world, nations, cities, families and our own children and grandchildren. In Nicaragua 70% of the population is 30 or younger; I got to stay in touch.

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