Saturday, July 14, 2007

"You Do See" Ps 10:14

We come to you
oh God our King
With humble hearts
we pray and sing
Repenting now
for all our sin
Please make our hearts
complete again

On bended knees
before your throne
We give our lives
to you alone
Breathe on us LORD
your spirit wind
And turn our hearts
to you again

We your people humble ourselves
We turn away from our wicked ways
Hear us from heaven; forgive our sin
And heal our land, oh God

You see, oh LORD,
we're not alone
We know you're near
and hear our song
Arise, oh God,
lift up your hand
And send revival
to our land

Friday morning, this song actually started with phrases in the last verse, "you do see" and "arise, o LORD" from Psalm 10:14 and 12. It became a song of repentance and cry for more of the presence of God as it developed. After the verses, I added the bridge from the ideas of 2 Chronicles 7:14.

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