Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lights Out

Lights out has different shades of meaning. Lights out-asleep; lights out-knocked out as in boxing; lights out-lights turned off; lights out-no energy available.

Here in Nicaragua the primary meaning is that the company has turned out the lights in your sector to not over load the national generators. The problem is that the generating plants are too old and too under powered to handle all the demand so energy is cut a few hours a few times each week to help deal with the problem. We've gotten used to it over the past 14 years.

The past couple days "lights out" was for a totally different reason... about 11 pm a post a block down the street broke... not sure why, but it did, therefore until just 15 minutes ago we were without lights. Freezer thawing, refrigerators warm, visitors and a meal for 30 people. Life must go on, even without lights. And it did; we were prepared.

Sometimes "lights out" means there are no light in the heart of a person. Jesus is the light of the world and I want to keep the window of my eyes bright with His light that shines from within me. Help me LORD never let the lights go out and if they do that it not take 2 days to get them turned back on.

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