Saturday, July 28, 2007

Thoughts From an Almost 50 Year Old Man

Here are the only important things in life that really matter:

  • My Lord Jesus Christ – how incredibly marvelous it is that God would love us so much that He gave His own life for us. Unbelievable!
  • My dear wife – Beverly Ann, MyLadyMyLove… 25 years of faithfulness, service and love. You are the greatest treasure I have and the most incredible blessing I have ever received.
  • My children – Cheree, John, Judah, Lance, Luke, Kelsy and Esperanza… seven blessings from the Lord that are making their own choices to follow God with all their hearts. This gives me an unbelievable felling of satisfaction and success.
  • My friends – to name one would be to leave out several, so I'll go without any names. Friends are to share with and to confide in. Their presence is the greatest reward a man could ask for. Satisfaction and realization is the result.
  • My testimony – that only good could be said of me, that God's name is always glorified when my name is mentioned. That's my purpose in life, my greatest call.

And looking towards the future:

  • I do not pretend nor profess perfection; I must always continue forward in my faith and practice – Phil 3:12-14
  • I will continue pursuing God and His fruit and gifts in my life. Maturity is a continuous growth process.
  • I must always be strong and very courageous as I obey God's direction – Joshua 1:7
  • I will not grow weary; the harvest will come – Gal. 6:9
  • "Well done, good and faithful servant," are the words I want to hear – Matt. 25:21,23; 2 Tim 4:7

I want to finish what I've started. I want to finish well.

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