Tuesday, July 3, 2007

What Happened to Hope

Faith, hope and love these remain permanent and the most important is love. Faith - conviction and trust; hope - confidence and expectation; love - sacrifice and service. The greatest is to live our life in service for the benefit of others, love.

We constantly speak of love. God is love. The great commandment is love. Faith operates by love. Jesus was love personified and it is clear, the greatest of all spiritual attributes is LOVE.

Faith. We live with God, by faith. His grace is ours, by faith. Faith gives substance and is evidence of the dreams in our lives. Your faith heals. By faith the mountain of difficulty is removed and situations are changed. The god-like-man lives by faith.

What about hope? If we have no hope, we can have no faith. Faith needs an object to give substance to and that object is our hope. Our hope is not a capricious dream. It is a promise from God. It is His life active in us. It is Jesus, the hope of glory, revealed and active in every area of our life.

There are works realized by our faith, deeds motivated by our love and consistency sustained by the hope placed in our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Thes. 1:3) Hope sustains us while faith makes the promised future reality. Hope provides consistency as we serve in love. Hope provides a sustained and patient perseverance as faith works and love serves and Jesus is manifest in the circumstances of our daily lives. This three legged stool looses stability with just faith and love. We must include joyful and confident expectation, hope, in our lives.

These THREE remain effective faith, continuous love and patient hope (Geneva Bible Translation Notes). Let hope have it's place in our lives. Without it we are hopeless.

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