Friday, October 26, 2007

I Decide to Forgive

The Spirit of God came to bring good news, comfort the afflicted, announce liberty to the captives, console the sad; give joy instead of morning, songs instead of desperation; to give victory in the LORD and to show His glory.

Forgiveness is the first step towards healing of our memories and remove, affliction, sadness, rejection and heaviness. We forgive by praying like this...

Lord, I confess that I have not love correctly. Instead, I have resentment towards some people and I lack forgiveness in my heart. I repent and I ask that you forgive me for no forgiving others like you forgave me. I come close to you, Lord; help me to completely forgive those that have offended me. Amen


Jan said...

And sometimes we have to choose to forgive over and over and over (70 x 7), even if the offending act was only committed once. It brings healing each time we forgive as we go deeper and deeper into our own hurts.

Earl Rutledge said...

The decision to "forgive over and over" or to not pick up the offense again... helps the movie change from color to black and white to a memory of shadows; healing is achieved.