Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Framing Injustice

In a conversation I had with a few friends at the Reklaw Fly-in Friday night I was reminded how easily we justify and legalize our lifestyles. The conversation was about laws in TX counties that allow nudity for BYOL locations for 18 year olds, but in bars that serve liquor, 21 years old and up, only "topless" was allowed. Now, I'm not for either one. Both are against my moral beliefs and standards. I believe both abuse of women as sex objects and destroy the focus of the true intimate relationship [that is included in marriage but goes far beyond sexual intimacy] a man should have with one woman. The ideas that reverberated in my brain were first, the illogic of allowing total nudity for 18 year olds and only topless for 21 year olds. Mmmm... something is not right here [actually neither is right]. And how easily we can with laws make right our unjust and immoral lifestyles.

I guess the Psalm I read the next morning kind of sums it all up.

"Can wicked rulers be allied with you [LORD],
those who frame injustice by statute?" Psalm 94:20 ESV

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