Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pigs and Kats (it’s a new breed)

Pigs really enjoy a dirty, filthy mud-hole filled with tasty, succulent three day old garbage to eat and satisfy their hunger. Some people think that those little piggies are so “cute” and make fine pets. Well, all washed, perfumed, and shined up with a pink or blue ribbon tied around the neck, they may be publicly presentable, but they are still pigs. They are waiting the chance to return to their dirty mud-hole.

Other people would choose a respectable domesticed animal, like a kat for a pet. Yes, the kat is a clean animal without the habit of looking for trashed out dirty places to live in. It always lands on his feet, is affectionate and dependent on his owner. I believe it makes a much better pet. (Obviously this will be debated according to your own personal experiences and bias.)

When we were without Jesus we were so much like the pigs mentioned. We were constantly looking for our own mud hole of pride, rebellion, sex, drugs, alcohol, and hate. Or maybe we preferred self-sufficiency, independence, self-righteousness and good works. Still, the truth of the matter is, all this way of thinking and living stinks. Yes, and sin, at least for a time, is so enjoyable that the putrid smell of egoism, rebellion, selfishness or self-righteousness doesn’t even register in our minds. We were just a bunch of pigs. Oink, oink.

The good news is that we are now new creations in Christ Jesus, sons and daughters of God, righteous and holy before Him in Christ Jesus. We are being transformed in to His image. Now when we sin we may enjoy it in the moment, but the Holy Spirit convicts our hearts and quickly we say, “Uck! Something stinks like pigs around here!” Like the respectable cat we get cleaned up a fast as possible. We do not enjoy lying around in and wallowing in a stinky, smelly sloppy, slimy mud hole of sin. By God’s mercy and grace we have been changed. We quickly go to 1 John 1:9 and receive forgiveness and cleansing of all our unrighteousness.

Yes, we have been translated from darkness to light; we have been transformed from old to new. We are no longer pigs in Satan’s kingdom of darkness and sin. Now we are sons of God in the kingdom of His dear Son and we are enjoying the blessing of living powered by the Holy Spirit in His mercy and grace.

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