Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Man of Full of God's Grace and Authority

Friday, May 9, I was asked to translate for a visiting speaker for a local pastors' seminar. Since I really enjoy translating and since I want to help out with the pastors' group when ever I can, I agreed.

It was quite an experience and an awesome blessing. The man I was translating for was Emma Okorie, founder of Living Word Ministries - Nigeria. I translated during the morning and was super tired... Having to listen very closely because of his distint accent and having to also translate was definantely taxing, but it well worth the effort. The morning session dealt with Honoring the Call on Your life and the afternoon was about Apostolic Government and the Church.
Wow. I've been around the bush a few times in these past 40+ of being in the church; I've heard and read a lot of things regarding apostles and apostolic ministry, but this was the best.
Walk in the grace God has given with a humble heart, a servants attitude and an intimate relation with Him were the central theme in his message. I know I've heard the same on various occasions before, but I could tell he was real, a true man of the LORD. God's grace and authority were on him. It was so good and God was speaking to me so much that a few times I almost had to stop translating to soak it all in.
I was blessed, challenged and encouraged.
If for no other reason, God sent Emma Okorie to Nicaragua for me. Thank you Lord.

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Don Hess said...

Earl, happened to pass by your blog. It was great to bring Emma Okorie to you in Nicaragua almost 2 years ago. I was glad to hear he blessed you as he blesses many. Emma is doing well and asked about you. He is opening a University this Fall. Blessings to you and your family. - Don Hess