Friday, December 7, 2007

A Prayer at Graduation

Father God:

Thank you for the opportunities you have given us to discover, learn and put into practice new knowledge and ideas. Thank you for the different and special talents and abilities you have given each one of us.

Thank you for our father and mothers who have provided for our needs and have encouraged and motivated us to study and learn. Thank you for their love, patience and kindness that helps them put up with us each day and under every situation and circumstance.

Thank you for our teachers who have dedicated their time to us and the future that is in the lives of each child and adolescent. Thank you that they believe in us and always search for the gold that is hidden in each student.

Thank you for the students that have worked each day to learn more. Thank for their desire to know new things and to pursue a better tomorrow. Than you that they dream of a future that is full of love and hope, justice and peace. Help us all to learn from their example.

Thank you Father God that all we dream with you, we can do.


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jully said...

hi sir earl,
good pm here in philippines, asia. I read about ur grad prayer because im graduating this march and im part of our yearbook committee and my task is to make a graduation prayer.. i thank you this wonderful prayer...