Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Although now a new thought, the impacting thought for Sunday was the cycle of blessing.

The cycle of blessing is like the water cycle. The water fills the clouds and the rain falls. The rain waters the plants of the earth, flows to the rivers, lakes and oceans of the world. In this process water evaporates and returns to the atmosphere forming clouds and preparing to rain again.

The cycle of blessing is similar. God, being good and generous, provides our needs and gives to us so we can bless and help others. We share what God has given us with others - ministries, the needy, charitable organizations - and they see their needs met and can help others. They give thanks to God for the provision and blessing they have received and God blesses us again. This is the cycle of blessing.

The key to it all is generosity, even when generosity is not convenient and be generous at all times, not just when there is abundance. In that manner we will keep God's blessings flowing in our lives and as 2 Corinthians 9 says, even in times of emergency, we will have sufficient for our needs and enough left over to help those in need.

Generosity, it is God's plan for provision and abundance.

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