Monday, August 25, 2008

Big Skies

As we traveled through the northwestern states of South Dakota and
Wyoming I have seen why they call Montana the "Big Sky State". The
skies are huge. They seem to go on forever. It was the the same
feeling I had when in Iglesia San Jose in Jinotega. It's bigger that
life... it's emmense, large and expansive.

I've reread the poem I wrote in Jinotega titled ETERNITY: I think of
the tourist poster I saw in Wyoming ['For generations finding yourself
has come right after discovering your insignificance'] and I
acknowlidge that I am insignificant in comparison to JAH, yet
important enough in his eyes for Him to give his life to ransom me and
restore me to perfect relation with Him. Yes, even though we are
insignificant in comparison to GOD, we are of great significance in
His eyes. The psalmist wrote, "who is man that YOU are mindful of
him?" We are the His creation, the work of His hands.

The largest taconite mine in the world - Hibbing, MN - , the awesome
multigeneration and bigger that life sculpture of Mt Rushmore, the
achievements of man in flight and space are all shadows in comparison
to the handi work of God's creation. And the greatest, the apex of all
God's creation is mankind. To man, God gave the privilege to totally
enjoy all creation, the responsibility to care for it and the ability
to increase, multiply and extend it.

He made us in His image. He grows us in His caracter [the fruit of the
Spirit] and He empowers us with the Holy Spirit and His gifts; all for
the purpose of establishing through us His kingdom on Earth as it is
in Heaven.

As I look toward tomorrow to peer into the future I see Big Skies,
unlimited possibllities and divine destiny. Eternity is written in our
hearts. The possibilities are endless. "I have a good and great and
awesome future full of hope and possibilities beyond your
imagination," says the LORD.

BIG SKIES ahead!!! Eternity is waiting.

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