Monday, June 23, 2008

Fan the Flame - 2 Timothy 1:6-8

Vicente Diaz shared an excellent teaching yesterday. The following are his main ideas

Fire must be taken care of to continue burning.

There are three basic componants neede for a fire to exist: heat, oxygen and fuel.

He compared the heat to believing God's words; oxygen to the Holy Spirit; and fuel to peoples' specific needs and stated that the presence of all three is required if there was to be a fire or a move of God in our lives.

In the Christian walk he mentioned 5 things we must believe:
  1. we are sons of God
  2. we are new creations
  3. the Holy Spirit lives IN us
  4. we have gifts
  5. gifts from God are to edify and bless the church and others
He finalized with 3 things that will put out the fire and prevent the gifts of God in our lives: fear, shame and lack of love and compasion towards others

A gift that is not stirred up is a gift that will be lost.

There are fine young men rising up at La Fuente! Thanks Vicente!

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